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Unpack, Unstuck Series Training

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What is a Certified Youth and Peak Performance Life Coach?

Focusing in the emotional, physical and social difficulties, building your confidence to gain balance in your life


Tori Moten

Certified Youth Life and Peak Performance Coach
Symbiosis Coaching
International Coaching Federation


I have had the opportunity to experience the ups and downs as a student athlete, career professional and starting three small businesses from scratch.  The path we take can sometimes be overwhelming, making it difficult to know the first step towards change. So why me?


20 years coaching and professional experience - Coaching/Mentoring kids 6 years to 18 years of age via peer groups, sports and community based programs.  Worked in the retail management sector (8 years) and successful small business owner for the past 10 years.


 Fully Trained - Received my life coaching accreditation through Symbiosis Coaching and a member of the International Coach Federation.  Attended UMBC and earned a associates degree in Communication


Sports Coaching Training - USA Gold Youth Basketball, NAYS, PCA Certified and member of the National Coaching Alliance


Strong Character - Well known in the community as thoughtful, trusted, loyal and a fair individual. Every client will be treated with respect and without judgement.

Proven Results - I am in the early stages as a Certified Youth Life and Peak Performance Coach but I have been mentoring, teaching, managing and collaborating with youth, professionals, LGBTQAI, all races of people with tremendous success.

I blend my rich hands on experience, training and intuition to help my clients achieve great results. You are a capable person with the tools to thrive. Let's be teammates in your quest to Pivot Forward!

Mud Obstacle Course

"We will encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated"

Maya Angelou


What I do?

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Youth Guidance Coaching

Does your child need a nudge forward with support?

Its not easy being a youth in today's society.  I specialize with youth 9 - 18 years old.  My goal is to walk with your child's capable mind, connecting the dots to concerns and issues in their daily lives. Some of the topics to look at:

  1. Improve critical thinking skills

  2. Helping when your child loses interest in extra curricular activities

  3. Increase confidence

  4. Develop self-awareness 

  5. Strengthen communication skills

  6. Find practical skills to find solutions when anxiety takes hold

  7. Goal Setting

Your child is not alone in this challenging world of expectations.  I'm ready to do my part as your child's Certified Peak Performance Coach!

Resting Athlete

Student-Athlete Balance Coaching

Are the challenges of school, sports and relationships making it difficult for optimal performance?

It is no secret student athletes are immersed in technology, physical demands, social and academic pressures.  My primary clients are high school and college student-athletes.  I had the opportunity to play Division 1 basketball at UMBC so I fully understand the demands and pressures placed upon you.  


We often forget to stop and reflect, to regroup our thoughts to make purposeful decisions, find balance in our sports and academic life and gain new skills for optimal advancement. 


As your Certified Peak Peformance Coach, we will discuss your challenges, strengths, weakness and together formulate a  plan to become mentally, physically and social prepared to handle your commitments to academic and sports success.


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